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10 Editing Apps to Help Your Instagram Get More Engagement

10 Editing Apps to Help Your Instagram Get More Engagement

The Instagram algorithm has changed and posts are no longer in chronological order, which means making your posts stand out are the key to gaining engagement. You might tend to lean toward the app’s built-in filters or editing features, but it’s nowhere near as technical as these third-party apps.

These apps are great for creating and editing photos, whether it be to post or make Instagram stories. They will give you all the tools you need to up your Instagram game. Stray away from VSCO already, it’s time to change it up!

Most of these apps focus on a more creative aspect while others focus on the details of the pictures, you can take your pick! Get ready to make your posts stand out (and hopefully bring in new followers and likes) with these 15 photo editing apps.


This is a fashion blogger favorite, for sure! Whether it’s for an Instagram story or a post, you’re guaranteed engagement with these frames. It gives you those Polaroid frames you see everyone using (the secret is out) and the ability to mix photos and videos.


If you’re more into collages, PhotoGrid has templates where you can pull in several photos. This is also a great app for creating Instagram stories.


I tend to use Over a lot when I want to add text to my photos. They have some beautiful fonts that I usually use with an Unfold frame. They have some really nice handwriting fonts which I used in the picture above!

Kira Kira+

This is the ultimate photo app you need for the holiday season as it give you all the sparkles you could ever need. They have a variation of sparkles and you can film too!


Good effects are hard to find, but Lumyer has some of the cutest! Bring your photos to life with clouds, butterflies, sparkles, you name it!


Another app that will bring your pictures to life. Turn your Live Photo’s into gifs or vice versa!


One of my favorite photo editing apps is Snapseed, it gives you all the control you need. You can adjust every aspect of your photo to fit it to your feed. It also has an interactive selective tool where you can tap on any object of the photo and change the brightness, contrast, or saturation level without disrupting the rest of the photo.


Unlike your typical photo editing app, Hyperlapse allows you to create stunning time-lapse videos.


This app is more for video, at least that’s what I use it for, but it’s also great for creating images with borders, backgrounds or different colors. You can even use a photo or video itself as a background. Resizing photos is also super easy with this app, as well as creating layouts.


If you’re into vintage filters, this is the app for you. I got this app because they have some really cool filters that will up your Instagram feed.

These are the ones I’m using now, but I will keep you posted if I find any new ones! I’d love to hear what apps your currently using – share in the comments below!


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