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Snakeskin is The New Black

Snakeskin is The New Black

If you haven’t seen the latest trend on Instagram, I’m glad to be the one to inform you on the one and only trend that we are bringing from 2018. If you couldn’t tell from all the animal prints we saw in the fall, animal print was dominating the market. From prints like: leopard, zebra, tiger, and crocodile, snakeskin stays in it’s well deserved spot at the top.

With the multitude of items you could find with this print, dressing it up is always the fun part. Whether you’re going for a day look, or a day look that still works for a night out, I’ve hand picked the perfect items for you. Put on a miniskirt with a long-sleeve snakeskin top and ankle boots, and you have the perfect look (maybe add stockings if it’s a little colder where you’re at).

On the other hand, you could also go full chic and rock a pair of snakeskin pants with a snakeskin tube top. The options are endless! This trend is designed for you to be daring with your outfit choices!

I’ve chosen some of my favorite snakeskin looks and added them below for you to shop the trend! Send comments below and let me know if you love or hate snakeskin, or even if you’ve worn any of these outfits..

Embrace the trend!!

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