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What to Get your Dad for Father’s Day | Gift Guide

What to Get your Dad for Father’s Day | Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is around the corner as we are officially in June and it’s time to start planning what to get your dad this year! I figured I would make a post on the perfect gifts for Father’s Day. I already know what I’m getting mine, but he read my blog so JOKES ON YOU DAD. Anyway, I got inspired to do a little Father’s Day Gift Guide while searching for his gift this year.

I ran into some super cool websites and items that any dad would die for! I feel like dad’s generally get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts, because at least my dad would be ecstatic if I just got him socks lol. However, they deserve so much and there’s nothing like showing some appreciate on Father’s Day. I mean c’mon, who else would put gas in your car when you’re on empty and can’t get home?

This gift guide is going to have all of the best presents I could find that would make any kind of dad happy! Whether he’s huge into barbecuing, sports, or even cigars. I did my best to also find some useful gifts that they might not buy for themselves, but would use often. Also, if you’re dad isn’t a super specific kind of guy you can check out my Summer essentials post where I have all sorts of things like pool floats, furniture, etc.

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I hope you guys liked the gift guide and this makes your shopping a lot easier! I know I already ordered my gift and I can’t wait to see how my dad loves it. Also, let’s remember that Father’s Day isn’t all about the gifts, but just being with your dad and letting him know it’s his day! Any dad would be happy with just a root beer float and some quality time alone. It’s all about spending time together and showing your love & appreciation!

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What to get your dad for fathers day

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