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Celebrating the Pandora ME Collection at their Piercing Party

Pandora Piercing Party

Pandora Piercing party, celebrating the latest Pandora ME collection.

Hello friends!

I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve partnered with Pandora jewelry to share with you their latest ME collection, which I got to preview at their piercing party! I even got to take home three little pieces of jewelry that I absolutely love! They’re the perfect little pieces that can accentuate any outfit.

This has to be one of my favorite Pandora collections so far, since it’s really focused on being yourself. These pieces are so personalized that it gives you a chance to express yourself with your jewelry, which is what their brand is all about.

If you don’t know much about Pandora, they’re a unique brand that offer high-quality jewelry pieces at affordable prices. Their real mission is to inspire women to show off their personalities and tell their own stories with their jewelry. It’s a way for women around the world to have a personal collection of unique pieces that reflect special moments and who they are.

That is why the ME collection is so important and perfect for any woman looking to express herself in her style! I was so happy to attend the Pandora piercing party and get to know all of the pieces in the collection! The space was so decorated so beautifully, and I got to check out the entire collection.

If you scroll down a little you can check out a little video I made at the event where you can see the whole collection!

I encourage you to go out and show the world who you are with Pandora’s ME collection! Comment below if you’ve already shopped the collection or drop some facts about you, I love learning more about my readers!

                (Sponsored by: Pandora)

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