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Stand Out in These Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

Stand Out in These Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is almost here and it is time to get our costumes ready. If you think it might be too late to put something together, don’t stress it! I’ve put together some creative and fun looks to help you get ready for this weekend.

This is one of my favorite times of the year and I’m so excited I decided to put together some last minute Halloween costumes. Last year I went as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, but this year I’m changing it up a bit and figured I’d give you all a little costume inspiration.  


Usually throughout the year we all get a little busy with work or school and never find time to order a costume online or find clothes to put a costume together. It’s happened to the best of us and it’s a struggle to coordinate with friends and do group costumes too. A couples costumes/group costumes post might be in the works depending on how much you guys like this one. Leave a comment if that’s something you’re interesting in.


Let’s be real, it’s a struggle to put an outfit together that isn’t just wearing all black and putting cat ears on. Get creative and wear an outfit that people won’t have to ask “So, what are you?”. Some of these costumes require little to no effort, but others might require props like: ears, horns, tutu’s, etc. All the costumes along with the items needed to perfect the look are listed below. Happy Halloween!! If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out my post from last year for more ideas! 

Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Full black outfit with some killer jewelry is all you need to perfect this look! Spice it up with some dark eye makeup and you are good to go!


Go on a safari adventure with this look! Just a little animal print is all you need..

Fallen Angel

Bring out that black lipstick and halo to be a smoking fallen angel this year..


This costume is pretty simple, wearing a cute red bra with a fur jacket gives it a totally edgy vibe for this devil look. Only thing needed to complete it are horns!


This one might need some specific items such as suspenders, a skirt and glasses but all in all it’s not that hard to fix up!


This is a costume that I think is super cute and doesn’t require as much effort. Forever 21 has some super cute camo outfits and it’ll have you looking amazing!!


With a good red lip and some nice white heels you’ll be saying “Ahoy Matey!” in no time..   Which is your favorite look?

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