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20 Must-Have Travel Essentials to Pack

20 Must-Have Travel Essentials to Pack

Traveling is always apart of my monthly agenda, whether it’s for work or leisure. After a few flights where I forgot some of my travel essentials, I figured I would make a blog post on all of these since they are all so important, whether you’re on a 7 hour flight or a commuter 1 hour.

These essentials will keep your skin nice and moisturized, you comfortable, and ready for what ever adventure you are embarking on!

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Travel Tips:

  • If there’s one thing to invest in it’s a carry-on and luggage! I cannot tell you how many broken zippers and luggages I have gone through. It’s so important to have a go-to carry-on bag that will never fail you! The luggage and carry-on that I linked are super durable and chic of course!
  • When it comes to traveling for work, I 100% recommend a backpack to keep your laptop, workbooks, and chargers in. I won’t say that a Gucci backpack is a necessity, but it’s super fashionable and fits anything you could ever need. In mine I always keep my: laptop, camera, book, makeup bag, and sometimes clothes if I run out of room in my luggage!
  • Stay hydrated! This is so important as when you’re flying we seem to forget to drink water and our skin tends to dehydrate. I recommend using this lip treatment and using Ole Henricksen’s products to keep your skin moisturized! I also love this antioxidant spray, it makes make skin feel super energized and hydrated.
  • Being on a 15 hour flight can be brutal and rough on your skin. I linked a Korean green tea cleansing stick as it’s the perfect travel item and an all-in-one cleanser. It has 13 natural oils to breakdown makeup, green tea leaves to exfoliate and a low ph to cleanse your skin. This will wash you of all that oil without drying your skin in the process and since it’s solid, you won’t have to worry about it exploding in your luggage.
  • When it comes to red-eye flights, those under-eye bags tend to sneak up on you quick! I always keep my Nars concealer and a brush handy for when my plane lands to look fresh right after flight.
  • I’m also sure you have all heard the benefits of a silk pillow, well I love to bring a silk pillow cover whenever I travel and use it at the hotels to keep my skin fresh and free from allergic reactions (my skin is super sensitive!).
  • This might not be a necessity for you, but these AirPods Pro are noise-cancelling! Seriously, they’re amazing and perfect for a long flight so you can relax, listen to music, or watch a movie!

What are some of your travel essentials? Do you use any of these products? Comment below..

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