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Social Distancing: What We Should/Shouldn’t Be Doing

Social Distancing: What We Should/Shouldn’t Be Doing

Social Distancing:

Well, it looks like we’re all going to be home for a while so I figured I would make a blog post on “social distancing” and what we should/shouldn’t be doing. What social distancing really means is taking actions to increase physical space between people to avoid spreading illness.

Staying at least six feet away from other people will lessen the chance of spreading COVID-19. However, the best way to practice social distancing would be staying home. 

Since it looks like we won’t be able to do much with almost everything closing down and domestic flights potentially being restricted. I figured we should be focusing on the positives instead of the negatives.

To start, we have a lot more time to spend with our families and with ourselves! Take this time for yourself to reflect, meditate, and do all those things you’ve been putting off!


During times like these where we’re stuck at home I think it’s important to take advantage of this time we’ve been given and utilize this time and stop focusing on the negatives. The most we can do right now is to stay home and make donations to those in need, if you can! 

Here’s a list of things you could be doing with your newfound free time!

  • Skin care: wash your makeup brushes, put on a new mask, wash your hair, do your nails!
  • SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES: this is so important during such rough times! Small businesses are being forced to close early and are losing their clientele. I urge you to buy gift cards from restaurants to help them stay afloat or use delivery services. Order online from your favorite local stores in Miami like: Wellness Room Miami (You can buy your sessions & use them at a later date!) , Aria Rose, Mojito Grill, Shop Blush, Eat Me Guilt Free, (more to come..)
  • There are over 100+ education companies that are offering free subscriptions due to the schools closing. Take this time to take some free classes and learn something new! Click here for the link
  • Get some work done to further your future career! Whether you’re a blogger like me or looking to start a business, there’s not better time than the present to get one step closer to learning! Write up that business plan or write a book, the limits are endless!
  • BLOGILATES: check out this great 14 day “Quarantine Workout Plan” from Blogilates. Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we should give up on our workouts! 
  • Binge a new show on Hulu, Netflix, Disney + (They officially have Frozen 2 up).
  • Liquid IV: I just started taking one of these every morning because I always forget to drink enough water. They are hydration “multipliers”. Basically an electrolyte drink mix that keeps you hydrated 2-3x faster and more efficiently than water alone. Use the code ‘ANDREADIVALENTINA’ for 25% off and free shipping; this is great if you’re getting over a cold or honestly just hungover from drinking all of your quarantine wine.
  • Fix up your LinkedIn. I know, someone had to say it! Change up that picture, add a bio, make connections.
  • If you’re looking to read up on how to transition your wardrobe from Winter to Spring, check out my latest post and join my mail list to get the most up-to-date looks.
  • Also, during such a weird and stressful time, why not try some arts and crafts or find some pen pals? I listed some fun stuff to order and do at home. My favorite one is the candle making kit, it’s a little pricey and comes with a lot so I also added a more economical one below as well.
  • Facetime your friends! See how they’re doing and catch up, just because you can’t see each other doesn’t mean you guys still can’t hang out virtually!
  • Start reading that new book that you bought, but haven’t had the time to get out and read.
  • Help your elders! If you know any neighbors or older family members that need help getting groceries, help them out! They need us at times like these more than ever, especially those that don’t have family to turn to.
  • There are also websites that allow you to donate credit card rewards as well. Check out this site, to find out how!
  • Watch my new vlog! Yes, I’m officially a “Youtuber” and have come out with my first ever Las Vegas Travel Vlog. The video details my birthday weekend with my friends and family in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • If you’re looking to do more, check out this website that will show you what organizations you can donate to and what they’re doing to help better the situation.


  • DON’T GO OUT, DON’T GO CLUBBING, STAY HOME. This one is so obvious I know, but I had to say it louder for the people in the back that are still CLUBBING. Why? You are actively putting more people at risk. Stay at home guys!
  • Go to the gym. This one is rough, especially for me because it’s so hard for me to actually work out at home, however, it’s so important. We don’t even realize how often we touch our face and when we’re touching things where people are sweating and coughing we are at a huge risk.
  • Thinking negatively! Yes, we are going through something crazy right now, but the only thing we can really do is stay home and wash those hands!
  • Buying everything at the grocery stores! There will NOT be a toilet paper shortage and the groceries will continue to stay stocked. STOP causing panic and taking supplies people actually need and can’t afford to hoard.

I hope you liked this post and hopefully have some new ideas on how to make the most of this free time! If you also know of more local businesses in Miami that I could add to the list don’t hesitate to mention them!

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