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Things to add to your Christmas List…

Things to add to your Christmas List…

Things to add to your Christmas List…

Christmas is near and if you don’t know what you want, here are a few items you could add to your list, I know I have. These are all items from the latest collections of every designer, that everyone will be trying to get their hands on.

1. Limited Edition Pucci skateboard



Emilio Pucci has just debuted its first ever skateboard collection. The limited edition skateboards are available in seven bubbly prints in two different styles. The boards are available exclusively on the Emilio Pucci website. Get yours while you can!


2. Dior sunglasses

(These are the “Dior Abstract”)


As we all know, Dior sunglasses were a major hit this year and with all their new designs they are a must have for 2016.

4. Christian Louboutin Lipstick



Christian Louboutin has showed us that he is not only a genius when it comes to designing shoes. He has showed us how creative he really is when he came out with his lipstick collection. When the Louboutin nail polish came out in 2014 everyone was obsessed, including me. But, Louboutin has recently debuted their all new lipstick collection, which is just as beautifully designed as their red bottom shoe. The Beaute Louboutin lipstick tube can also be worn as a necklace. Each lipstick has its own name and is available in many different colors.

4. Karlito key chain from Fendi

fendi karlito

The Fendi Monster key chains were a huge hit, but Fendi has just come out with a Karlito collection featuring these key chains that are stealing the spotlight. The collection is based on Karl Lagerfeld who is the head designer and creative director of Chanel and Fendi.


5. NYC Bond Fragrance


Displaying the famous “Arc de Triomphe” landmark on the bottle it is named after the famous park in New York, “Washington Square Park”. This NYC Bond scent is unique, light and subtle.

6. Buxom Lip Polish



This 15 piece collection features Buxom full on lip polishes. The lip polishes and creams will leave you with shimmering and a glass-smooth finish. The polishes will give you a lip plumping looks in every color.

7. Alexander McQueen scarves



This silk chiffon skull scarf can add edge to any outfit. This Alexander McQueen scarf comes in many different colors.

8. Fendi Micro Bag

fendi micro bag


This adorable Fendi micro bag can go good with any purse. Clip it on to your Hermes or everyday bag.

9. Louis Vuitton charm bracelet

louis-vuitton-fleur-de-monogram-bag-charm-chain-key-holders-bag-charms-more--M65111_PM2_Front view

This simple but beautiful charm bracelet can go good with any outfit.

10. Chanel Sunglasses




These Chanel sunglasses mix metallic with pearl and make them look edgy but classy at the same time. They come in white, dark blue and rosy pink. They are currently sold out but can be pre-ordered.