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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide & Essentials

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide & Essentials

To celebrate the start of February, I figured I’d put together a little gift guide and essentials for the special “day of love”. No matter what you’ll be up to on February 14th, we have you covered. You can find anything you could ever need for the occasion right on this blog post, maybe things you didn’t even know you needed!

We have some outfit inspo below, whether you’re staying in, going out, or not looking to wear much at all. It’s all here. Along with some outfits, there’s also some super cute decor if you decide to throw a little “Galentine’s Party” with your best friends..

The rest is some super cute gifts under $20 and some dreamy gifts that are more expensive. Here is your ultimate Valentine’s Day guide for anything and everything you’d need.

Get to shopping and click on your favorite items below! Leave a comment below on your thoughts…

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The Outfit:

The most exciting part of Valentine’s Day is dressing for the occasion! Whether you’re having a cozy night in with friends or going out for dinner with your significant other, these looks will make for the perfect night!

The Decor:

These items are super cute for the perfect Valentine’s Day event! Flowers, balloons and garlands are all you need!

The Perfect Card:

The perfect items that say exactly what you need to..

Gifts Under $20:

Here are some more price conscious gifts that are under $20.. Here’s another post on gifts that are under $20..

$ Extra Gifts $

These gifts are more expensive, but guaranteed any girls dream! The search is over…

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