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Successful Shein Haul + Try-On 2020

Successful Shein Haul + Try-On 2020

It’s officially time for a SHEIN haul! As you guys know, so much of my clothes is from SHEIN as they are so reliable and stylish! I love finding cute looks that don’t break the bank and I got some gorgeous pieces for the season. This haul was all about sweaters and coats this time. If you haven’t shopped on Shein before, check out my article where I give you some tips + tricks! If you’re here to check out all the pieces that I got for the season, then keep scrolling! Also, don’t forget to use my code when shopping on Shein: Q3AndreaTi

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When I saw this piece on their website, I knew I HAD to have it! Also, not only is it extremely stylish and perfect for the season, but it is also SO comfortable! It’s definitely one of my favorite sweaters and I will definitely be wearing it out more. It’s also so easy to style! The off-the-shoulder look goes with great jeans, shorts, or even a nice skirt!

Sweater short-link: http://shein.top/fm403vd Search ID 955711

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I need a pop of color in my wardrobe so when I saw this baby I knew I HAD to have it. It is so vibrant and can spice up any look which is why I absolutely love it! No matter what you’re wearing, this coat is sure to complete any outfit.

Coat short-link: http://shein.top/6ccdis9 Search ID 853836

Now, this sweater is one of those staples that every closet needs. It’s comfortable and perfect with any look and the best part is that it’s so easy to dress up. The high neck makes it super chic and look great with a nice pair of pumps!

Sweater short-link: http://shein.top/y5ihlhl Search ID 818297

Belt short-link: http://shein.top/fp294hl Search ID 810000

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