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Louis Vuitton Opens The Only FIFA Pop-Up Store in North America

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Louis Vuitton Opens The Only FIFA Pop-Up Store in North America

Louis Vuitton opens the only FIFA pop-up store in North America. Louis Vuitton has opened exactly two pop-up stores dedicated to the FIFA World CupTM Official Licensed Product Collection with one being in Miami, Florida and the other in Russia. The new pop-up presented the latest versions of Keepall and Apollo bags. A majority of the styles are offered in three different color combinations, each featuring Louis Vuitton’s exclusive leather. These would match perfectly with any jersey or FIFA ensemble to cheer on your favorite teams.

The designs all feature the classic soccer ball, which hexagon design with each colored hexagon having a textured feel. The most exclusive of the collection, however, is the “Made to Order” Keepall which is showcased in eight pentagon hues, which is boasting the colors of almost any national flag. To top it off, the bag could also be embossed with any of the 35 participating flags.

Louis Vuitton’s 2018 FIFA World Cup Collection is available now until July 15th, so I would get those orders in as most of the bags are already sold out at the Miami Design District Pop-Up Store.

I went to the pop-up and took a few pictures so you could see everything they set up for the store, if you want to take a look at the collection click here. 

(Fun fact: the soccer case is worth over $100,000)

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