Trends: Belt Bags, The Ultimate Summer Item

Belt Bags

The hottest fashion trend this summer is belt bags. Not only are they cute, but they’re super comfortable especially when going out. These could be mistaken for your average fanny pack, but don’t get it twisted. These are more a belt accessory then an actual bag.

They’re perfect because they let you keep all your necessities in one place without having to haul a bag around. These are some of my favorites, definitely great for traveling too, that way you won’t have to search around in your carry-on for your phone or credit card.


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Top 5 Florida Springs to visit this Summer

As Summer approaches, we’re all getting ready to plan some vacations. If you’re planning on making a trip to Florida this summer, or are from Florida (like me) and want to go on a little adventure, here’s some ideas. Usually when I go home in the summer I tend to get a flight anywhere else, […]

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My Travel Essentials.

Traveling is a part of my monthly agenda, whether it’s for work or leisure. For each trip, I always bring my favorite on-flight essentials. I’ve been asked what I usually take on my flights, so I thought I might as well make a post and share my go-to items… Carry on: Britto Hearts Carnival If […]

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Hottest Glasses of the Season 2018

As Spring rolls in, sunglasses have become our go to accessory this season. As we go into an even hotter month in the weeks to come, we should all be up to date on the latest trends in the 2018 collections. These glasses are some unforgettable pieces that will make a simple outfit pop. Although […]

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