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Trends: 10 that should be retired IMMEDIATELY

Trends: 10 that should be retired IMMEDIATELY

Trends: 10 that should be retired IMMEDIATELY

Trends: 10 that should be retired IMMEDIATELY. If there’s one thing us women have trouble doing, it’s parting with our clothes. You will always find an excuse not to get rid of it. Yes, I know you dominated the dance floor with that dress over a million times, but it’s time to part with the old. Summer is coming to a close and seasons will soon start changing. This calls for a new wardrobe.

Over the year some trends have developed and others have come back into style. I have rounded up 10 trends that need to be stopped immediately. I’m tired of seeing the same old styles in every corner! We need to differentiate or find something new because these trends are SO last season. I will consider myself a sub for Joan Rivers in this department because someone has to say it. Let me know what you think, do you agree? Disagree? Leave a comment with your thoughts.


1. Fishnet:

When did this become a trend? I want to have a serious talk with whoever thought wearing fishnet under your jeans would be a thing? WHY? This just seems like a horribly bad idea to start with, and lets not even mention uncomfortable. Ladies, don’t do it. There are much better ways to get likes on Instagram. Please, just make it stop. I don’t see anything remotely attractive about this trend, it needs to end. (That totally rhymed, I love it)

2. Bondage Swimwear:

Bondage Swimwear: I have to say, I do admire the creativity and the idea behind this, but it is just not worth it. Let’s not even talk about the tan lines these suits would give you. I just want to know, where would it be appropriate to wear this? I’m uncomfortable just looking at it.

3. Lace-up Anything:

This used to be a cute trend until EVERYONE started wearing the same thing. I’m sure everyone has seen at least 3 girls wearing something like this anywhere. I’m over it.

4. See-Through Shoes:

First of all, who came up with this idea? I would’ve loved to be in that conference room when someone came up with this great idea. “Guys, check this out. Let’s make boots that are see-through. We could totally save money because the materials are cheap, and we could pretend its cute and hike up the price!” This is definitely a no-go and always has been.

5. Cut-Out Jeans:

This just makes me cringe. I feel this is super unsanitary as well. This just seems like someone trying to copy Regina George’s top where she cut the boobs out. Its just not cute.

6. Long Sleeve Crop Tops:

I found this trend very strange. Call me crazy, but I thought long sleeves were supposed to keep you from being cold? When would it be a good time to wear something like this? This is just a confusing trend, I don’t get it.

7. Kendall Jenner’s Birthday Dress:

I have to admit, the dress that Kendall wore for her birthday was a beautiful dress. However, once all these other labels came out with similar looking dresses, it killed it. This dress blew up the internet and everyone started wearing it.

8. Latex Dresses:

When all the Kardashians started wearing latex dresses, this trend started. I’m sweating just thinking about wearing this. The look is hot and has had its time in the lime light, but its time to leave this trend in the deep abyss that is your closet.

9. Laced Jeans:

I don’t know who created this, but it’s not ok. If you want to show some leg, wear shorts. I just, I have no words.

10. Corsets:

Here we go, another trend brought to life by the Kardashians. If theres one word to describe this trend, it’s WHY.

Shoutout to you for actually reading the article. If you still use any of these trends, then all power to you. Lots of love, A.


  1. Tiffany
    August 24, 2017 / 10:46 pm

    I 100% agree! Hope to see more people embracing their own style rather than conforming to society’s “trends”.

  2. Janel Losada
    September 14, 2017 / 6:21 pm

    Totes agree to all 10! First off the fishnet trend was something I never embraced. The lace up everything is getting super old! The bondage swim is eh not for swimming save it for the bedroom. I did buy a pair of the clear shoes, but the boots I heard you sweat in. I wore my clear shoes so much. I definitely got good used out of those bad boys so on to the next trend. The latex should be spared for condoms haha I can’t deal with this trend it looks so cheap and uncomfortable! Paris Hilton wore that dress that Kendal wore so funny who wore it best? I can’t decide. Literally laughing at your comments on the corset trend AGAIN leave it for the bedroom! Besos Prima! Love checking out your blog every now and then and showing some love <3

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