Get Ready With Me: Morning and Night Routine

Get Ready With Me: Morning and Night Routine

Get Ready With Me: Morning and Night Routine

I’ve gotten a lot of comments on the way that my makeup comes out when I go out so I figured I would share my routine to get the perfect base look to set your skin. I do have different routines if I’m going to the gym or the beach, but I’ll be sharing my everyday looks. I’m going to include the skin care items that I use daily and along with my everyday makeup. These are all items you can shop below. You can also check out all my favorite items that I’m going to start using this month. 

Morning Routine:

To start off the day I start by washing and toning my face, then adding moisturizer. After that I start with a BB cream base and set my face with powder. Then I add some bronzer, blush and highlighter (if I’m in the mood).


Night Routine:

When going out, I have another makeup routine. However, during the week I like to wash my face at least 2 times to get rid of all the makeup. I then tone, moisturize and add some serum. You’ll notice that most of the items are a little expensive, but I feel that skincare is always worth the money. I’m also adding some other products that I use during the week as well such as: masks and serums.

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