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Exploring the Islands of Italy & France

Exploring the Islands of Italy & France

Exploring the Islands of Italy & France

Exploring the Islands of Italy & France. This summer I went to all the islands of Italy and France. My first stop was Corsica, which is a beautiful french island. The waters are crystal clear and cold, but it’s worth it to go for a little swim. They also have boats you can take that will take you exploring around the island and they take you to a place where you can swim with a bunch of fish.


If you ever end up going to Corsica, I recommend staying at the Hôtel La Villa which has it’s own private beach right outside the hotel. This picture doesn’t even begin to describe how beautiful and clear these waters are.



Sicily is a beautiful Italian island that has the most spectacular beaches and food. If there’s one thing you have to do in Sicily is try their food. Stop by the market and you’ll find that all their fruits and vegetables are home-grown. Doesn’t matter what restaurant you go to you are guaranteed a fresh and home-made meal. You can’t leave Sicily without having a true Sicilian meal and cannoli.


When I got to the beach I couldn’t believe how clear the waters were so I took millions of pictures, but I think you get the idea with this picture.




Malta is a european country that is located between Sicily and Northern Africa. When I got to Malta is was early July and about 105 degrees fahrenheit, it was extremely hot. Malta is a very antiquated place that has numerous fortresses, temples and a subterranean complex of halls and burial chambers that can be dated to 3600 B.C.E. There is much do in Malta if you are a lover of history, but when I got there the heat was too much to bear. I found the nearest place with water and got a taxi there. The waters are beautiful and refreshing, especially in the intense heat. They have a blue grotto you can go to with a guide, and if your lucky they will let you take a swim in the grotto.


Swimming inside of the grotto.



Once the sun goes down and you want to go walk around and find a good restaurant you should go walk around Valletta. They have one of the most famous churches there, St. John’s Co-Cathedral. These were taken in front of the church.

IMG_2695 IMG_2701




  1. Jaime
    January 23, 2016 / 1:28 am

    Beautiful places! I can tell that you had a good time.

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